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Anabolic steroids are widely distributed not only among professional athletes, but also among people involved in sports from time to time. Their popularity is constantly increasing, despite the many articles about the dangers of using such drugs. It is especially are thyroid hormones steroids dangerous to take them on their own, but that’s what they most often do. Moreover, not everyone knows what steroids are.


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The group of steroids includes chemicals with a similar structure. The most famous of them are 3 types of steroids:

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  • hydrocortisone-type drugs (corticosteroids) that are used in medical and cosmetic products (ointments, creams, etc.) for skin care, for example, Cortaid (R) and Lanacort (R);
  • female sex hormones estrogen and progestrogen, which determine the development of secondary sexual characteristics in women and promote the functioning of the organs of the female reproductive system. These steroids information beginners substances are part of contraceptive drugs as active elements;
  • male sex hormones androgens, one of which - testosterone - determines the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men, contributes to the functioning of the organs of the male reproductive system.


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Steroids of different types differ slightly from each other in chemical composition and under certain conditions can turn from one type of steroid into another.

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Athletes mainly use androgenic steroids with anabolic properties. The does proair hfa have steroids body is constantly undergoing the process of replacing old worn or destroyed cells and tissues with new ones. Thus, muscles and bones are mass stack constantly updated. The process of building new cells and tissues is called anabolism. The number of collapsing and newly formed cells is about the same. Thus, neither the increase in body weight, nor its decrease. However, taking certain drugs can lead to a violation of this balance in the direction of increasing muscle mass. Such drugs are anabolic.




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Any physical exercise and protein-rich foods can be called anabolic, as they increase muscle mass.

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So, anabolic steroids can cause weight gain under certain conditions. The most common androgenic steroid is testosterone. It is naturally produced in the body where can i find steroids by the pituitary gland and testicles. Entering the blood, testosterone is then spread throughout the body, reaching various organs and parts of the body. After triggering, it is destroyed by enzymes and excreted from the body.

When puberty in the male body is reached, the testosterone content in the blood increases dramatically and remains at the same level for 4-6 months, then returns to normal levels Testosterone undecanoate Nasser el Sonbaty and Anabolic Steroids. During this period of time, the best muscle building supplement stack man begins to grow facial hair, enlarged genitals, his voice becomes low, his muscles become more developed. A higher level of testosterone in the male body compared to the female determines that men have a higher testosterone cream muscle growth percentage of muscle mass. Normal testosterone production for an adult male is 4-6 mg per day, which is about 20 times more than a normal woman. Most Testosterone enanthate Injectable Steroids - Bodybuilding - Steroids - USA of the hormone is excreted in the urine, but some remains in the body and is converted to estrogen.

The effect of testosterone in the human body is as follows. Testosterone is absorbed from the bloodstream by certain cells. The hormone molecules act on the receptors that give the command to perform certain functions. In particular brock lesnar on steroids, in muscle cells, testosterone supports the production of protein.

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A normal man fills most of the receptors. Taking small doses of anabolic steroids can completely fill the cells with testosterone. In this regard, increasing the dose will not lead to an increase in cell activity. But an excessive amount of testosterone will significantly increase the likelihood of side effects.



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Each cell contains a certain number of receptors. When they are busy, not all, the cell responds to commands very weakly. If all receptors are filled, the cell responds at the maximum level. The more testosterone released into the blood, the greater the number of receptors will be filled can steroids cause migraines.

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