Effect of anabolic steroids on the athlete


All anabolic steroids cause side effects of varying severity. Abuse of these drugs can be very detrimental to health. Is such a sacrifice worth the goal that athletes achieve with anabolic steroids?

The main reason why athletes use anabolic drugs is that, as a result, according to their firm conviction, there is a significant increase in body and muscle, as well as increased physical strength and endurance. The higher the dose, the stronger the effect. But is it really?

In fact, official medicine claims that there is no evidence that gigantic doses of drugs themselves lead to an increase in muscle volume and, consequently, in body weight.

Experiments conducted on animals show that they have large doses of steroids cause muscle growth no more than normal doses of drugs. So, to improve muscle mass gain, quite small doses of anabolic steroids are combined with regular exercise and a high protein diet.


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According to some researchers, the intake of anabolic steroids has a negative psychological effect, prompting the athlete to train more and more intensively, which sometimes has a stronger effect on the body than chemical drugs. However, too frequent and hard training causes more frequent damage to connective tissue. This can also be attributed to the negative effects of the use of anabolic steroids.

The effect of muscle growth is not constant. The fact is that anabolic steroids during their activity in the body balance between anabolic (creative - from simple cells to complex) and catabolic (destructive - from complex cells to simple) processes. In the normal functioning of the body, these processes are balanced, due to which there is a renewal of tissues, the replacement of old cells with new ones.

This balance is related to the nitrogen balance in the body. By this is meant the difference between the total amount of nitrogen consumed by the body and the amount of nitrogen released. For example, in an adult person whose body no longer grows, the nitrogen balance is zero or slightly higher. Anabolic steroids increase the production of protein in the muscles and thereby reduce the catabolic effect. As a result, the size of the muscles increases. To maintain this effect, that is, the accumulation of muscle mass, it is necessary that the body maintains a positive balance of nitrogen in the body, that is, it must be absorbed into the body more than it is released. What happens in reality?

When an athlete performs strength exercises, glucocorticosteroids are released, which increase the excretion of nitrogen, and the nitrogen oral steroids for back pain balance in the body becomes negative. At the end of physical training in the body, a positive nitrogen balance temporarily occurs, at which time muscle building occurs. Gradually, the nitrogen balance goes to zero. Thus, exercise helps build muscle, but it happens very slowly. Anabolic steroids, reducing the catabolic effect, artificially cause a positive nitrogen balance, which leads to a faster growth rate of protein tissues. But such an artificial maintenance of nitrogen balance after 1-2 months loses its effectiveness, even if gradually increasing the dose of anabolic agents. This is due to the fact that the body is rapidly becoming addicted to steroid drugs because of the desire to maintain homeostasis.


As an example of the work of the homeostatic mechanism in the body, one can cite a rise in the level of cortisol in the blood when using anabolic drugs. This, in turn, prevents the occurrence of an anabolic effect and contributes to catabolic.

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To further maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the body, an athlete usually begins to increase the doses of anabolic drugs taken. This, in turn, significantly increases the risk of side effects without increasing the anabolic effect.

What happens in the body after the abolition of anabolic steroids

As noted above, athletes very often take anabolic drugs in cycles. Such a system of administration involves the use of steroids for are steroids vegan a certain time (from several weeks to several months) in very large doses, after which they stop taking. However, abrupt cancellation of anabolic drugs leads not only to physical, but also to psychological negative effects. For example, the majority of athletes who stopped taking these drugs complained of depression, fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, decreased sexual desire, and also noted a constant feeling of discontent and dissatisfaction with themselves. Many have constantly experienced the need for the use of steroid drugs.


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Side effects with the abolition of anabolic steroids have not been sufficiently studied. However, the majority of athletes were noted suicidal mood and depression when discontinuing the medication. In this regard, it is necessary that the cancellation of taking anabolic steroids necessarily takes place under the supervision of specialist doctors.

Experts identify two phases of the manifestation of the side effect of the cancellation of steroid drugs. The first phase begins on the 1st week, when flu-like symptoms develop. A person has a fever, a runny nose, pain in the joints, etc., appear. The second phase begins on the 2nd week after discontinuation of the drug. It can last up to several months. Symptoms of this phase include psychological factors, including depression and the need for steroid drugs.

Some athletes between the so-called cycles of anabolic steroids take small portions of drugs for “cheering”. Thus, they does cipro affect the planar facia strive to prevent the body from leaving the steroids, as well as reducing the effect of their use.

However, the opposite is the result. Androgenic receptors do not have the opportunity to rest and restore normal activity. They remain constantly “downtrodden” by anabolic steroids and at the beginning of a new cycle they do not react at all to new intake of androgenic drugs, therefore there is no desired result, that is, an increase in muscle mass.

Such a desire for constant, albeit small doses of steroids speaks of the existing psychological dependence on them. Thus, “steroid replenishment” is a big mistake, which, unfortunately, many people make. Meanwhile, the constant intake of anabolic steroids seriously affects the health of an athlete.

Anabolic steroid effects on adolescents

According to statistics, more than 60% of all people who use anabolic steroids, began their reception at the age of 16 years. Meanwhile, the younger the person using these drugs, the greater the risk of side effects from taking them.

The use of anabolic steroids by adolescents adversely affects their growth and development of the body during puberty. This is manifested in the fact that the long bones of the arms and legs in adolescents, which still have to continue to grow, cease to develop. Thus, the body can become disproportionate. In addition, most athletes ahead of time recorded adult growth.


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In girls, who were exposed to steroids in the embryo state, the development of the external male genitalia was subsequently observed, while the female genital organs were preserved. A similar effect of the parallel development of genitalia inherent in both sexes is also manifested in children exposed to steroids under the age of 12 years.

In addition to premature cessation of bone growth, there is also acne, which can gradually increase. There was even a case when a teenager was hospitalized due to an overgrown rash.

Canceling anabolic steroids stops the spread of the rash, but Recommendations on the PCT after a course of testosterone the scars from it can last for a lifetime. In order to get rid of them, you may even need surgery.

Other methods of treatment, unfortunately, are ineffective. The fact is that drugs commonly used to treat rashes (tetracycline or isotretinoin) for people using anabolic drugs are toxic, even in small doses.


This is due to the fact that liver enzymes are mainly engaged in neutralizing anabolic steroids and cannot interact normally with other drugs. As a result, drugs for rashes accumulate when were steroids banned in the body and lead to severe toxic effects.

Use of anabolic steroids can lead to baldness in both young people and girls. Resumption of hair growth is possible only after discontinuation of these drugs. For some, this process is irreversible.

Anabolic steroid effects on adults

Excess anabolic steroids in the body of a man leads to the fact that they are converted into female sex hormones. The result is the development of the mammary glands in men (this has already been mentioned above). This effect is not evident in all those who use anabolic steroids, but it is irreversible.

The cause of this effect is that the male sex hormone is produced in the testicles in the amount of 4-10 mg per day. During the intake of anabolic steroids, an excess of steroids occurs. The body fixes it and gives a signal to the testicles to stop their natural development.

Along with the cessation of testosterone production, the testes also stop producing sperm. Therefore, prolonged use of anabolic steroids can lead to sterility and a decrease in the size of the testicles themselves. Restoration of the testicles in an adult male is possible only six months after discontinuation of steroids. However, the effect of anabolic steroids on the work of the testicles in adolescents has not been studied at all.

Action of anabolic steroids on the stomach

In fact, no studies of the effects of anabolic steroids on the stomach have been conducted. Nevertheless, it is known that large doses of drugs of this group act on the best steroids on the market body in the same way as other steroid drugs.

For example, in some diseases (ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract) patients are prescribed steroids from the group of corticosteroids. They are prescribed in large doses and over a long period of time.

When the need for corticosteroids disappears (for example, when an ulcer is surgically removed), 30% of patients experience a temporary dysfunction of the intestines, while the patient feels severe pain in the stomach, experiences nausea and vomiting. It is possible that discontinuation of anabolic drugs may Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix) Worried of misery resulting from low testosterones lead to similar results, although there are no scientifically based data on this.

Effects of anabolic steroids on the skin

It was noted above that steroids cause acne. This effect is due to the fact that anabolics stimulate the production of sebum, which is an excellent nutrient medium for some bacteria. Such conditions are favorable for the development of all kinds of infections.

In response, a protective reaction is triggered in the body, which, with a large number of acne and the development of several types of infections, can lead to a very serious condition, including hospitalization. From such eels remain numerous minor scars.

Effects of Anabolic Steroids on the Liver

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The effect of anabolic on the liver depends on the type of drug is the jmt part of the pct, its dosage and duration of administration. The effect on the liver of a drug is determined as follows.

The liver has a certain feature: if it is damaged or overloaded, it releases an increased amount of certain chemical compounds into the blood. It is by the presence of these substances that the state of the liver is determined by medical tests. Testing in this way of people using anabolic drugs, showed the content in the blood of chemicals, the number of which is 2-3 times higher than normal.

At the end of the use of anabolic steroids, the release of these chemicals stops, their level in the blood decreases. However, liver damage may remain.

Oral steroids are especially harmful for the liver. They are much harder to enter the blood to participate in metabolism. With the breakdown of oral anabolic steroids, liver cells can be damaged.

In addition, with long-term use of anabolic drugs, the internal structure of the liver changes, its ability to clean the body of toxins deteriorates. Sometimes because of steroids in the liver cavities are formed, filled with blood.

Unlike oral, injectable anabolic drugs do not directly harm the liver. But they open the way to numerous bacteria and viruses that can penetrate directly into the blood during an injection, bypassing the protective skin. So, through contaminated needles, infectious hepatitis is transmitted, however, like any other infectious diseases, including venereal and AIDS.

When using anabolic steroids can form tumors. This is due to the fact that some of the liver cells under the influence of anabolic steroids grow and form nodules that look like tumors. After discontinuation of steroids, it is not always that all nodules dissolve on their own. The remaining nodules cause the development of tumor diseases that lead to death.


Effect of anabolic steroids on the kidneys

Impact on the kidneys has not been studied. However, according to studies, with long-term use of anabolic steroids, their elimination from the body along with urine gradually decreases. When taking corticosteroids, for example, this phenomenon is not observed. Perhaps this is a consequence of the destructive effects of anabolic drugs on the kidneys. An excess of these substances in the body causes negative changes in internal processes.

Effects of anabolic steroids on the brain

No apparent destructive effect on brain tissue has been identified yet. However, it is believed that anabolic steroids lead to some mental disorders - such as a change of mood from euphoria to deep depression, guilt security features on levitra packaging, craving for violence, etc.

Initially, as an experiment, anabolic steroids were tried as antidepressants. The changes in the electroencephalogram were similar to those that cause amphetamine and tricyclic antidepressants. However, researchers have not come to a common opinion about the effect of testosterone on the brain. Meanwhile, it was observed that with increasing levels of testosterone in the blood increases aggressiveness. It was found out as a result of experiments on animals, and then on people.

Effects of anabolic steroids on the immune system

Medical studies have shown that high doses of anabolic drugs lead to a decrease in the level of immune globulins A, G and M in the blood. These proteins are part of the body's immune system. They are antibodies that, moving with blood, attack the bacteria that have penetrated. With a decrease in the level of antibodies in human blood, the risk of developing serious infectious diseases increases.


Doctors have documented two cases of AIDS infection through syringes, which were used by athletes in the gyms for oral administration of anabolic drugs.

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With injectable steroids, various infections can be ingested, as mentioned above. In addition, anabolic drugs can enhance the activity of natural immune cells. These are white blood cells that are designed to attack certain viruses and bacteria, which helps prevent the formation of tumors.

However, as their activity increases, some immune cells may begin to attack their own tissues, which leads to the development of autoimmune diseases.

The action of anabolic steroids on the heart

As shown by experiments conducted on animals and humans, taking anabolic drugs leads to an increase in heart size. The fact is that the heart also consists of muscles, which change in the same way as other good effects of steroids muscles of the body. However, such changes in the heart muscle resemble signs of chronic heart defects. Perhaps this is the reason for the frequent cases of sudden death among young athletes who use anabolic drugs.

There was a case when a young man suddenly fainted and died right during the training. At the autopsy, it was found that the athlete's heart muscle was not only greatly increased in size, it also revealed multiple foci the dangers if cipro of necrosis. Doctors suggest that it was the use of anabolic steroids that caused the heart muscle to grow rapidly. At the same time, the blood vessels necessary for its nutrition did not have time to expand as quickly. As a result, the newly formed tissues of the heart had very poor blood supply and gradually died. This was the cause of a fatal heart attack.

Effects of anabolic steroids on blood vessels

According to doctors, the use of large doses of anabolic steroids from a young age can negatively affect blood vessels. This is due to the fact that high doses of the drug reduce the level of elastin in the connective tissue and increase the level of collagen in the walls of blood vessels. All this leads to hardening of the arteries.

Scientific studies show that the body responds differently to testosterone, produced by its own system and coming from outside. So, own testosterone lowers cholesterol in the blood, while the use of anabolic steroids leads to its increase.

Accepted anabolic steroids lower the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and increase the level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglycerides in the blood. All of the above leads to an increase in blood cholesterol levels.

With the cancellation of steroids, the situation gradually returns to normal. At the same time, long-term use of steroids gradually leads to hardening of the walls of blood vessels, which increases the risk of heart attack.

Anabolic steroids also contribute to an increase in the number of sclerotic plaques in the blood. These plaques result from a multitude of minor internal injuries and leaks in the circulatory system. This did the rock do steroids is facilitated by various stresses carried by the body throughout the day. Athletic workouts increase the damage. They have no visible marks, only sometimes such a leak can look like a bruise. To eliminate such blood leaks, plaques appear so that the damaged areas do not interfere with the normal functioning of the circulatory system.

However, the abuse of steroids leads to damage to connective tissues. In addition, these drugs contribute to easier adhesion of plaques with each other. The plaques coalesce to form large areas of inflammation, which, in turn, can lead to the formation of blood clots, heart attacks, and even death.

Effect of anabolic steroids on the reproductive system

As mentioned earlier, high doses of anabolic steroids can lead to temporary infertility, testicular atrophy and the appearance of female secondary sexual characteristics in men. In addition, steroid drugs can lead to the development of prostatitis and even cancer. This disease will progress rapidly if the body has a high enough level of androgens. The likelihood of such side effects increases with increasing doses of drugs and the duration of their use.

The longer a man takes steroids, the longer the testicles are inactive, because testosterone is not produced. At the same time, sperm cells gradually take on an irregular shape and their number also drops sharply. With a very long reception of anabolic steroids, a man can become fruitless. In men who use steroids for several years, the testicles are reduced in size. However, the functioning of the testicles returns to normal immediately after discontinuation of anabolic steroids. But at the same time, the ability of sperm to fertilize is not restored for a long time.



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There are cases when taking anabolic drugs led to permanent sterility and loss of sexual desire. Although serious research in this area has not yet been conducted.

Gynecomastia is an irreversible phenomenon. Moreover, it can accumulate from cycle to cycle. The risk of developing this disease is significantly increased if an athlete taking steroids consumes alcohol at the same time.

Women taking steroids may have male secondary sexual characteristics: clitoral hypertrophy, coarsening of the voice, increased hair growth on the body and loss of them on the head with changes in skin structure. All these processes are reversible.

Effect of anabolic steroids on the endocrine system

The endocrine system is called the organs of internal secretion, providing the release into the bloodstream of various hormones. Once in the blood, hormones are then steroids pills names spread throughout the body and participate in the control of various body functions. The endocrine system includes the testes in men and the ovaries in women, the thyroid, pituitary, pancreas and adrenal glands.

Some endocrine glands secrete hormones necessary for the work of other endocrine glands. So, the pituitary gland secretes the hormones FSH and LH. In the male body, these hormones contribute to the production of another hormone testosterone by the testes. The pituitary Sustanon 250 - Worried of misery resulting from low testosterones gland also monitors the amount of testosterone that the testicles secrete. When testosterone levels increase, the pituitary gland begins to secrete smaller amounts of FSH and LH, as a result of which testosterone production stops in the testes. Thus, the body uses a feedback mechanism to control vital functions.

The use of anabolic steroids in the body increases testosterone levels, which causes the pituitary to stop the production of FSH and LH, which leads to temporary infertility in men and a failure in the menstruation schedule in women. In addition, artificial anabolics lead to the fact that thyroid secretion (a hormone that regulates its development and function) stops in the thyroid gland. However, despite this, the thyroid gland and its functions remain normal.

Experiments on rats with a predisposition to diabetes have shown that anabolic steroids accelerate the development of this disease. Anabolic drugs can cause increased insulin resistance and changes in glucose sensitivity in the body. This is similar to the symptoms of diabetes, although so far there have been no cases of this disease associated with the use of anabolic steroids.

The effect of anabolic steroids on human behavior

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It was noted above that david laid steroids anabolic steroids, along with physiological, also have a psychological effect. With the abuse of drugs in an athlete there is a sharp change in mood from euphoria to aggressiveness and violence, combined with suicidal mood. Although this usually occurs after stopping the use of steroids, it is possible that a person cialis on amazon has some permanent changes in the psyche. No serious research has been done in this area.

Nevertheless, many psychologists believe that the sensations of euphoria and aggression, as well as a decrease in fatigue after taking steroids, encourage athletes to exercise more vigorously than athletes who do not use these drugs.

Huge doses of steroid drugs can significantly change the athlete's sense of self and cause significant changes in his behavior. Anabolic people, with standard psychological testing, showed antisocial inclinations similar to those shown by alcoholics. Studies also showed that almost all subjects experienced frequent outbursts of irritation, there was a desire to argue, shout at someone, throw objects, there was an obsessive need to beat someone, cripple, or simply cause some harm to another person.

Abuse of anabolic steroids can lead to personality changes. The result is violence and the desire to kill someone. Thus, there was a case when one of the anabolic drug users stole and subsequently killed a pedestrian who voted at the curb. Another athlete who used steroids stole a shop assistant from a store and shot her while trying to escape. In the third case, the athlete and his friend tried to fit an improvised explosive device under the machine of the lover of his ex-wife. In another case, an anabolic man who broke into three houses broke into three houses and set fire to them.

All these cases occurred with people who had not previously shown a propensity for violence. The mental state of each of them returned to normal when the use of steroids was discontinued.

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